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Let me guide you in the most important places of the city of Rome telling you the story of the famous Julius Caesar. 

After many years of restoration we can finally walk in the ruins of Largo Argentina, the place where he was murdered. 

It will be interesting to visit this mix of shrines, temples and civil buildings where the most important man of Roman history breathed his last breath. 

Thanks to a special entrance ticket we will be able to walk in the Imperial Forum, up above the street and also underground. 

The view of the ruins will conquer you. 

We will walk in the forum built by Julius Caesar and we will reach the Senate that he started to restore. 

At the end of our full immersion into his life I’ll show you the place where Mark Anthony made his famous speech “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” and the basement of his outstanding temple where he was cremated. 

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