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What was Rome like 2000 years ago?

It was a metropolis of 2 million inhabitants, with richly decorated and colorful streets, state-of-the-art aqueducts, fountains, restaurants, temples and places to have fun.

Can we still see these things? Of course we can! With a little help from our imaginations, I will make the ruins come alive and leave you with a completely new perspective of the ancient Roman city. 


We will start our tour with the Colosseum, the symbol of our city. Next, we will walk through the Roman forum where you will get to know the ancient Romans, through their stories in addition to the most important information about their art and history of course. We will discover together how modern they actually were…maybe we haven't changed so much after all!


Do you want to experience a very special underground site? 

Rome is like a lasagna: layers and layers of history one on top of the other. 

The Romans never abandoned the city center over the centuries, they just built on top of the previous building something else…or they even used the same buildings just recycled in a different way! 

In the Church of San Clemente, just two blocks away from the Colosseum, we will discover treasures such as frescos, mosaics, aqueducts, esoteric rites just a few feet deep down!


Know before you go: 


• A moderate amount of walking is involved

• Be prepared to climb uneven steps and explore an archeological site (wear suitable shoes)

• You may want to bring a small umbrella to block the sun as well as unexpected, sudden rainfall

• Large bags and backpacks are not allowed inside the Colosseum 


My tours are all customizable, please if you have special request feel free to contact me and we will find the best solution according to your needs and your wishes

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