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Borghese Gallery and Its Gardens

Today we have Bill Gates, Fendi, Bulgari and a few other notable patrons of the arts. But have you ever thought about who served in this role in the past?

The cardinal Scipione Borghese is one of those great men that had the chance, the money and talent to commission and buy some of the world's most amazing artwork. As a result, the Borghese Gallery is a triumph of beauty: wherever you look you'll see astonishing pieces of art.

I would love to tell you about him and his family - the right man in the right place at the right time! I'll tell you how he came to have such a great art collection and all about his meeting with Bernini, the master of baroque art in Rome.

Walking from room to room, I will describe the most important statues and their myths and stories - some of them like fairy tales - that make this tour perfect for adults and children. What about educated art lovers? You'll feel right at home!


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