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Caravaggio was definitely a revolutionary painter! He was one of the first to use nature as a inspiration for his paintings and real people as models for the religious characters in his works. Can you just imagine how much he shocked people with his revolutionary practices? He didn't care much; he was always a trouble maker and he followed his instincts to produce something that today, after centuries, is still modern and enchanting!


He lived in Rome for a while and few of his masterpieces are located in several beautiful churches. My goal in taking in the footsteps of Caravaggio, is for you to discover where he lived and what he did during his days, who were the people that loved and helped him, and who were the ones that hated and opposed him.


Thanks to his artwork and his life we will also discover a slice of Rome from the 1600s. We will not talk just about aristocracy because Caravaggio's favorite subjects were the poor: pilgrims, prostitutes, and the working class.

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