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Colosseum Express

The Colosseum is a terrific symbol of our city. 

I’ve designed a special tour totally dedicated to this enchanting monument. 

We will focus our attention on the history of this building and thanks to ricostructions and images it will be easy to use our imagination and see the ruins become alive. 

I’ll tell you about the gladiators game of course, showing you mosaic, graffiti and statues. We will speak about the importance of the Colosseum for the Ancient Roman Empire. Well… after this tour the Colosseum won’t have any secrets for you! 


Know before you go: 


• A moderate amount of walking is involved

• Be prepared to climb uneven steps and explore an archeological site (wear suitable shoes)

• You may want to bring a small umbrella to block the sun as well as unexpected, sudden rainfall

• Large bags and backpacks are not allowed inside the Colosseum 


My tours are all customizable, please if you have special request feel free to contact me and we will find the best solution according to your needs and your wishes

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