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Mark Diller

Serena Cantagalli helped us create two of the most memorable travel experiences in our lives. In June 2013, we capped off an ideal week in a tiny town in Umbria with Serena's guided tour of the Galleria Borghese in Rome. We had seen this museum a few years before, and while we thoroughly enjoyed it, we kept thinking that we would appreciate so much more if we could have had Serena with us (Serena was our early morning guide to the Sistine Chapel two years before). Serena tailored both our tours to our interests and experiences. She asked what we already knew and added layer upon layer of art history, social context, intrigue and technique so we felt as though we had a personal relationship with each major work. Far from a canned recitation of familiar facts, our visits to the Borghese and to the Vatican became transcendent experiences thanks to Serena.

Serena is pleasant, approachable, as smart as she is practical, and takes care of details we didn't know we needed. In addition, her recommendations for restaurants and Gelaterias were perfectly tailored to our tastes and budget for that day.

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