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A Night Food & Wine Tour

Let's do that! 

We will start our experience exactly like the Romans after a working day: aperitivo. 

Before dinner we will have a glass of wine in a local enoteca (winery). We love to do that after a day of work with our friends, and I would love to have an aperitivo with you! 

The aperitivo is only the beginning of our food experience so, please, save room for dinner time. 

After a little walk we will reach a local restaurant where I will make you taste pasta! That's why we are famous all over the world so you cannot really miss some very good ones.

On the way to the restaurant, I will be happy to make you taste a little bit of our local street food: supplì, artichokes (of course it depends on the season)...

What about the dessert? Are you food lovers? Of course you are, otherwise why choose this experience?!

So you will be happy to taste great gelato and tiramisù before you go to sleep, as we say, full and happy! 

Making you love Rome will be a piece of cake!

One suggestion: don't book a restaurant for lunch or dinner after the food tour because we will eat more than enough: pasta, pizza, salami, cheese, dessert, fruit and coffee (of course!)

Suitable for everyone.

Please advise me of any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Vegetarian, Lactose & Gluten Free Special menus available.

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