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On the Footsteps of Saint Paul

After the conversion, Saint Paul came to Rome to meet the Roman Christian people. 

He was not scared about confessing he was a Christian and that's the reason why he was accused, imprisoned and sentenced to death. 

Enjoy this tour if you want to visit the sites that are still the witness of his life and martyrdom. 

I will show you the horrible prison where he never lost his faith and with Saint Peter baptized the people sentenced to death. After we will reach the Abbey built where he was beheaded, here you will feel a special sacred atmosphere. The last part of our tour will be where there is his tomb, in the church of Saint Paul outside the walls. 

The life of Saint Paul will give us also the opportunity to speak more about the relationship between the Christian and the Roman as well as the chance to discover stunning places full of history, art and tradition. 

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