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Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

This is a little hidden treasure for the ancient art lovers: one of the biggest and most beautiful Roman art collections will be revealed in four floors of the museum. 

Definitely a very intense full experience you cannot miss in Rome to get in touch with our history. 

A wonderful surprise will wait for you: Roman imperial houses perfectly reconstruct where you will admire the original decoration done with fresco technique. 


possible extension 1 extra hour needed: the baths of Diocleziano are still one of the best preserved spa where the roman people used to go every day to take care of their body as well as train their mind. One of the rooms, the Frigidarium, was totally transformed by Michelangelo in a wonderful church, Santa Maria degli Angeli. We will have the chance to experience some more ancient Roman art as well as we will understand better the evolution of the city over the centuries.

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