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Raffaello and a Painted Love Story

Raffaello, the most charming and handsome artist of the Renaissance died in 1520, five hundred years ago. 

I want to honor him by showing you one of his masterpieces, the Loggia of Amore and Psiche, a beautiful painted love story. 

Agostino Chigi, the owner of the house at the time, was about getting married with a beautiful woman who does not belong to the aristocracy; can you imagine what a scandal? 

Well, Agostino Chigi astonished everybody asking Raffaello to decorate the beautiful loggia for the wedding party and, of course, I will tell you the history as well as gossip and little secrets. 


possible extension 1 extra hour needed: a nice stroll in Trastevere will be a great way to discover one of the most authentic districts of Rome, where the younger and the older love to spend time having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. This district is made by a maze of little alleys where we can find the best bakeries and little restaurants as well as middle age churches decorated with wonderful mosaics and roman ruins. A perfect combination of elements if you are curious and gluttonous.

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