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Real Rome

Rome has a special beating heart, a city center where the locals still live and love. 

That's exactly what I want to make you experience. You cannot say you know Rome if you don't get lost in the quaint maze of alleys in Trastevere. 

Here you will smell the essence of the bakeries, taste a great coffee with cookies   freshly made every day. 

People still put the clothes outside to dry and the windows of the shops show you works you thought lost forever. 

Middle age churches, mosaics and ancient ruins will make our experience rich with history. 

Our stroll will continue in the Jewish district where the biggest Synagogue is located, a referring point for the Roman Jewish community. This is one of the most enchanting neighborhoods of the city and one of the richest in history: from Roman times up to the 20th century. 

Even here food expresses in the best way integration and the mix of tradition: the Roman Jewish cuisine is delicious and of course we will taste a couple of specialties! 

Always following the little alleys, we will reach the ancient flower market in Campo de Fiori. The market now is bigger and the Roman still buy fruits and vegetables from the farmer markets. 

You can't miss this triumph of colors, smell and taste and you will have the chance to experience our everyday life surrounded by elegant palaces, gorgeous churches and statues and much more. ​

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