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Tivoli and Its Amazing Villas

Tivoli is a tiny city not far from the capital. 

The position of the city is just perfect: close to the mountains, with lush vegetation and close to a river, the Anien. 

Well... it was so beautiful and peaceful that Hadrian, the emperor, chose this city to build his amazing palace here. 

It will be a pleasure for me to make you feel like an emperor and show you the remains of this enchanting residence. 

After the fall of the Roman Empire we haven't had emperors anymore but clergy became the wealthiest social class and, of course, Tivoli is so beautiful that the Cardinal Ippolito d'Este wants to build a house here with lush gardens decorated with artistic splendid fountains. It was always about becoming pope but he never really did it so he wanted to impress the people with gardens that were even more beautiful than the one of the Vatican. 

I will let you decide if he reached his goal or not.

I am sure you won't be disappointed to choose this day trip tour.

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