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Underground Rome

Rome is like a lasagna: layers and layers of history one on top of the other. 

The Romans never abandoned the city center over the centuries, they just built on top of the previous building something else…or they even used the same stuff just recycled in a different way! 

What’s the best? We still have places quite hidden and out of the beaten tracks where we can go down in the underground city, in the very bottom of the layers and like the time elevator we will walk in the ancient city.

I suggest for this experience two of my favorites sites: the Church of San Clemente and the Catacomb of Domitilla.   

In the Church of San Clemente, just  two blocks away from the Colosseum, we will discover treasures such as frescos, mosaics, aqueducts, esoteric rites just a few feet deep down! 

The catacomb of Domitilla is a maze of tunnels underground where the early Christian community buried their people: we will walk underground with the help of a torch and I will tell you about their behaviors, their traditions and their beliefs. 

We will see  crypts, coffins, sarcophagus, frescos and of course… bones! 


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