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Hidden Gems Vatican Tour

The tour of the Vatican Museums, for most of us, is a dream at the top of our wishlists. Please allow me to share with you my special way to discover one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

We'll enter the world-famous Vatican Museums. You will be amazed by the masterpieces you will find in the galleries we will stroll through together: ancient statues, mosaics, tapestries and maps that the pope loved as decorations of his own beautiful palace. 

We will leave the crowds behind as we pass the gatekeeper to privately enter the Hall of Animals where you will marvel at the stunning statues of the Vatican's "Stone Zoo".

Stroll through the ever-closed Gallery of Statues to explore a fantastic collection of sculptures and ceiling partly painted by Pinturicchio. Enter the Cabinet of Masks, a little room with a fantastic view of the city containing precious sculptures and mosaics.

I'll make it quick and easy for us to reach the Sistine Chapel- painted by the great master Michelangelo.

The last part of our Vatican experience will be dedicated to the Basilica of Saint Peter, the biggest catholic church in the world, the most famous one, rich in history and art. 

Since the IV century the Basilica was a referring point for all the cristian that want to honor the tomb of the apostle Peter, but it became as beautiful and enchanting as we can see today when the Pope Giulius the II started a huge renovation. 

The most important architects worked for him: Bramante, Raffaello, Bernini, Borromini and many others. Thousands of artists made amazing statues, marble decorations, mosaics and precious details to decorate altars and sarcophagus.

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